Questioning Rio 2012


(article diffusé par l'Agence Internationale de Presse Sociale/IPS)

The long crisis in the economic and financial system, which seemed to become a permanent feature in a large part of the world after the fall of the Berlin Wall, has been compounded by a series of social and now political crises. These crises demonstrate the driving desire for greater democracy, social justice and ethical governance.
The Tunisian and Egyptian revolutions are the most striking examples recently. Other movements and upheavals across the continents similarly show the growing demand among people to see new development models presented and implemented.
The era of the status quo and false certainties is over. A new period of creativity and courage has begun. The constraints of the neo-liberal capitalist model are crumbling just as some authoritarian regimes are tottering. It is time to put forward effective and ethical models that meet the standards of democracy, civic and social integration, the fair distribution of created wealth, respect for the environment in all its diversity and are adaptable to the cultures and customs of people in different regions.
This is the context of the next edition of the Mont Blanc Meetings, the international forum for leaders from the social economy, which will take place in Chamonix Mont-Blanc on 9-12 November 2011. This fifth international forum will precisely focus on the social economy as a new model for sustainable development.
How is the social economy addressing today's social and environmental challenges? How does it create and distribute wealth through its objectives and practices? Does it represent a model for sustainable development?
Over three days, the views of experts and representatives from international institutions, unions and political organizations will help the leaders at the Meetings answer these questions. They will take a stand by defining the role they are already playing on every continent and the role they want to play as well as by launching and sharing concrete projects.
The 5th Mont Blanc Meetings will thus be an opportunity to show how the social economy can foster sustainable and inclusive development and give new meaning to the idea of sustainable development.
A few months before the heads of states gather in Rio in 2012 for the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, the 5th Mont Blanc Meetings will be the perfect platform for the social economy to question world policy-makers. The Meetings are committed to making Rio hear the voice of cooperatives, mutuals, nonprofits, foundations and other organizations and businesses sharing the same values and practices.
The organizers of the Mont Blanc Meetings are launching a broad appeal to all those who want to be part of this change to come join us in the preparations for the summit in November 2011.



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